Weekend Wanderings

I’ve taken weekends off of work for the past few weeks to travel around and hang out with my family. At this point, I have a little less than two weeks left in the city and I’m starting to feel like things are sinking in. What a strange feeling for departure to seem so imminent!

Last weekend, I was in New York City for the annual mother/daughter trip with my aunts and cousins. We stayed in a hotel close to Grand Central, and spent our time catching up with one another over delicious meals, foot reflexology sessions, and cocktails at a terrace bar. My mom and I took a bus to New York first thing on Saturday morning, to meet up with her sisters who had arrived the day previous. We took the Circle Line tour around Manhattan, which gave us some really lovely views of the city skyline, and grabbed a meal in Chinatown. My cousin Ian has been working in the city and living in Brooklyn, and he joined us for Saturday evening and showed us around.


A personal highlight of the trip was going out to Baohaus, the restaurant owned by Eddie Huang of Fresh Off the Boat fame. I finally read his book earlier this summer and have followed the TV adaptation on and off over the past year. Sharing fresh Chairman Bao with the cousins was a tasty treat – and having my face on the Baohaus Instagram has made me feel star-struck. (Yo, Eddie, tell Constance Wu I wanna be her friend please.)


A photo posted by Baohaus NYC (@baohausnyc) on Jul 21, 2016 at 9:09am PDT


This weekend, my cousin Sarah and Katherine drove up to Philadelphia to visit me. I’ve traveled to D.C. a few times over the past few years to see them, but this is the first time since we were children that they’ve come to Philly. We hiked around the Wissahickon, ate dim sum in Chinatown, looked at the city from the PSFS Building’s 33rd Floor, went shopping around Rittenhouse, got caught in a downpour (it wouldn’t be summertime in Philly without sudden summer showers), walked along the Schuylkill River Trail, grabbed dinner in West Philly, and sat at Spruce Street Harbor Park until closing.

Getting two back-to-back weekends with my cousins has been a lot of fun, and I’ve relished the opportunity to show people around the city. It’s nice to have a reason to go out of my way to share some of my favorite places with people I care about. My swan song to Philly is reaching some of its final notes, and I’m feeling pretty contented by how I’ve spent my time this summer.

There’s still a few more bucket-list items that I want to cross out if I can – so I hope I can take a little bit more time to go out & about and make a few more last minute memories. If I do, you’ll be the first to know.




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